More Champions/Grands

Grand Champion Donavan of Waveland,
black & white and all male;
CFA's Best of Breed (Turkish Vans) 1995-1996
pic 1997 Chanan

Grand Champion Vanessa Redgrave, D.M.
brown patched tabby & white female at 17 months;
CFA's Second Best of Breed (Turkish Vans) 1996-1997

pic by Carl Widmer

pic Chanan

pic Chanan

Grand Premier Tajikivan,
brown tabby & white male at 1 year

pic Carl Widmer

Grand Premier and Champion Halicarnassus,
tortie & white female at ten months

pic 1995 Chanan

Champion & Grand Premier Vannie Annie,
black & white female at 5 months

pic 1996 Chanan

Champion Savantha, DM,
black & white female at 8 months at left;

Grand Champion Vanessa Redgrave, DM
brown patched tabby & white female at 17 months standing

pic Carl Widmer

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